Wheels you can buy for life

Wheels you can buy for life

Bontrager introduces free lifetime warranty on all carbon wheels

[Waterloo, WI] — Bontrager announced a major change to its warranty program for carbon wheels today, upgrading the program to include a lifetime warranty against defect while keeping the Carbon Care Wheel Loyalty Program.

The new lifetime warranty covers all Bontrager carbon wheels for road and mountain bikes and comes at no additional cost to the purchaser. It includes all Bontrager carbon wheels purchased aftermarket as well as those that come stock on Trek bikes.

“Like everything we make, we build our carbon wheels to last a lifetime—and we have a carbon wheel lineup now that delivers incredible performance and durability,” said Graham Wilhelm, Bontrager’s Director of Product for Wheels. “A great wheelset is an investment, and we believe it’s one worth protecting for life.”

In addition to a lifetime warranty against defect, all Bontrager carbon wheels are backed by the Carbon Care Wheel Loyalty Program. Under this program, Bontrager offers free replacement or repair of any Bontrager carbon wheels that sustain damage from riding within the first two years of ownership. This program applies to the original owner.

Beyond two years of ownership, the Carbon Care Wheel Loyalty Program offers deeply discounted replacement or repair of Bontrager Carbon wheels.

Bontrager has a long history of creating performance carbon wheels that save weight and watts while delivering long-lasting durability and confidence-inspiring handling on pavement, gravel, and trails. The full line of Bontrager carbon wheels for road and mountain bikes can be found online at trekbikes.com and at Trek’s wide network of retail partners.

Bontrager Aeolus Pro 3V TLR Disc Road Wheel

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