How to clip into your pedals

How to clip into your pedals

Want to get more out of your ride? Clipping in helps you pedal more efficiently.

Using a clipless pedal system gives you a more balanced, powerful pedal stroke that uses energy more efficiently so you can ride stronger and faster for longer. We’ll run through the general process of clipping into 2-bolt and 3-bolt clipless systems, and you can follow along step-by-step by watching the videos below. 2-bolt systems are most commonly used for mountain biking, and 3-bolt system are typically used for road riding.



Pro tips for clipping in:

1) Practice clipping into your pedals while your bike is stationary. You can put it on a trainer, or set your bike up next to a wall so you can reach out for support.

2) Clip in with your dominant leg before pedaling so you can get enough momentum from your first pedal stroke to keep you stable while you clip in your second foot.

3) It’s easier to clip your second foot in and out when your pedal is at the top of your pedal stroke, in the 12 o’clock position.

4) Once you’ve got the hang of it, practice clipping in and out in an empty parking lot or along a quiet road before heading onto busier streets or trails.


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