All in Our commitment to a better future

All in Our commitment to a better future

At Trek, we recognize we can do much more to work towards racial equity. We are dedicated to learning, changing, and taking action—and this begins with committing to a plan to address systemic racism. We believe Black lives matter and that Black, African American, and other people of color throughout this country do not have the same opportunities that white people have.

With that in mind, we want to share our specific plan with you.

1. Create 1,000 cycling industry jobs for people of color

Invest $2.5 million over ten years in a new retail management and bicycle mechanics training scholarship program to provide a career path for 1,000 people of color to improve diversity within Trek Headquarters, Trek retailers, Trek stores, and the entire cycling industry. This scholarship will help make cycling more welcoming for people of color and create an entirely new generation of leadership within Trek and the cycling industry.

2. Bring bikes, jobs, and stores to underserved communities

Invest $5 million over the next 3 years to establish new bike shops in underserved neighborhoods with the goal of building 50 stores in ten years using our DreamBikes model and lessons. Local bike shops are the heart and soul of the cycling community and we believe that stores in underserved neighborhoods will improve access to bicycles and create jobs.

3. Establish a $1 million Community Investment Fund

Provide funding for entrepreneurs of color and existing Trek retailers to open shops in underserved neighborhoods. We will invest in those who share our vision of a more diverse future and seek to enhance their local communities. Those interested are encouraged to contact us at [email protected]

4. Create a more diverse future for competitive cycling

Establish a scholarship fund to equip 25 NICA (National Interscholastic Cycling Association) teams of children from diverse ethnic backgrounds. The lack of diversity in professional cycling is in part due to a development system that lacks people of color. The kids that are competing today in NICA are the future of professional cycling. Schools and organizations will have the opportunity to apply for this scholarship through NICA beginning this year.

5. Create a more inclusive Trek culture

Require all Trek employees to complete diversity and inclusiveness training provided by accredited external resources by the end of 2020. Trek will make this part of its onboarding process for new hires and will continue to update and improve this program so that we make sure that it is sustainable for the future. This training will make Trek a more welcoming environment for people of color and ensure that we hire a more diverse workforce.

6. Accelerate the activism of the Trek Family

Trek employees will now have access to paid time off to volunteer for non-profits that build our communities. This will continue our efforts to promote and sustain a culture of philanthropy throughout the Trek Family that has the potential to make a difference in the lives of thousands of people.

This is a long road and every journey begins somewhere. We have a history of doing the right thing, taking on the hard work, and producing meaningful results. Together, we can make a world of difference.

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