Upgrade Your Ride: MTB Bikes Best gear and essentials for upgrading your beloved MTB rig

Upgrade Your Ride: MTB Bikes Best gear and essentials for upgrading your beloved MTB rig

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So, you’ve got your rig that you love to shred on the local trails and big weekend aways with your riding buddies. It takes you places, drives the adrenaline levels up and you very much in love with it. But there’s that little something that is missing, a simple touch of something personal that set’s you out in the crowd and, let’s be honest, makes your riding friends a bit jealous and deep in heart you know that there is some room for improvement of your bike. Sometimes it’s a simple wear and tear that sends you to the bike shop or glues you to the computer screen in search for the ultimate upgrade for your bike.

We believe in continuous improvement and we all know that there is always a way of making things better, more personal and more enjoyable. That’s why we prepared a simple list of Bontrager gear that will give your bike a new live and a bit of personal touch. Why Bontrager? Because it’s us who make this stuff and we only make products that we love and will use personally. Period.

Bellow you will find the list of suggested upgrades and essentials we think you should consider next time you or your bike will call for some changes. These will make a difference!

Get a grip!

Great control starts with a solid grip on your handlebars. We offer no-slip mountain bike grips that are a perfect fit for the way you ride in the colour that best matches your style. Most of our grips are made from recyclable materials (yes, you heard that right!), so you can still be eco-friendly and guilt-free while getting new stuff for your shredding machine.

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The XR Trail Comp grip features a unique finned texture that conforms to your hand to keep you comfortable all day while you ride, and with 5 colours to choose from you will sure find the one you like.

The XR Trail Pro features a finned texture that provides a secure yet forgiving feel that oozes confidence and keeps you comfy on even the longest days on the bike.

These durable and single-clamp design XR Trail Elite grip maximises grip surface. You and your hands will both feel good knowing that the grip's core is made from recycled ocean-bound plastics.

See more and Be Seen!

Whether you up for a night riding session as a add up to your regular rides or just want to have that emergency set of lights that will get you home safe, we’ve got a selection of lights that covers it all.

However, rear light is a must have when using public roads to get you to your local trails, or if you just poping into the shops – you have to be seen on the bike, no compromises. Bontrager daytime running lights are compact and powerful and feature an interruptive flash pattern that’s daytime visible from up to 2 km away and they can be stashed away when you hit the trails.

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A powerful and compact bike light set with multiple flash patterns for daytime visibility from up to 2 km away. 200lmn is enough to get you home safely after that extended session on the trails

A powerful 1000lmn front bike light with a wide beam that illuminates any road or trail and can be seen from 2km away as a daytime running light.

The most powerful set of lights. Stay trail-ready and daytime visible with this powerful light set packed with industry-leading features.

Fast and lightweight hoops

Besides the frame itself, nothing has a bigger impact on your bike’s performance than your wheels. We offer our wheels in both 27.5 and 29er sizes and upgrading your wheelset is the easiest way to gain a serious advantage in weight, performance and handling. You will definitely feel the difference in riding new wheels. We know that carbon wheels are a big investment, so they are automatically included in the first-class program Bontrager Carbon Care.

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Line Comp 30 is a durable alloy mountain wheel built on wider rims for better tyre support. With more support, you can run lower tyre pressure for better traction, more control and a smoother ride. If you are fan of weekend Racing, it might be worth considering it as a spare to keep you rolling if things go wrong.

Admit it – your bike would be a whole lot sweeter if you were riding carbon. Enter the Kovee Elite 30 wheelset. Designed with the XC and trail rider in mind, these Boost-width wheels feature OCLV Carbon rims with a 29mm inner width and will shave weight and add stiffness to your ride.

A lightweight carbon mountain bike wheel set ready to tackle any trail and stand up to that rock you just didn’t see. The Line Pro 30 features best-in-class strength and durability and even helps prevent pinch flats.

Hold the line!

Tyres do wear and they should be replaced at some point to improve your riding experience. Sometimes we keep a few different types of tyres for different types of terrain we are going to be riding on. Ultimately it’s all about the grip. More grip, and less flats! Wouldn’t that be perfect? It’s possible! Bontrager tyres are engineered to excel in multiple types of terrain and will tackle dry hard-pack, forests full of loam and everything in between. Thanks to tubeless options you can forget about them flats. Chose a tyre that suits your ride.

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XC/TRAIL - Bontrager XR1 Team Issue TLR An ultra-fast, ultra-light cross-country racing tyre that's ideal for rides where speed and acceleration are key. The smooth centre tread makes it easy to maintain speed and a more aggressive side tread adds confidence for corners and techier sections.

ENDURO - Bontrager SE6 Team Issue TLR The SE6 Team Issue is an aggressively treaded, durable trail and enduro MTB tyre designed for absolute traction in all terrain, no matter the conditions.

DH - Bontrager G5 Team Issue Bontrager's World Cup-winning downhill tyre gives you incredible braking control and traction at high speed over aggressive, loose, rocky terrain, wet or dry.

Well-deserved comfort

You will feel this improvement rather than see it. Choosing a really good saddle is a science, literally. The design of Bontrager saddles is based on detailed biomechanical knowledge, so you can rely on high comfort, great performance and first-class design.

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ENTRY LEVEL - Bontrager Arvada Comp Arvada Comp adds comfort and reduces soft-tissue pressure by creating a strategic cut-out in the saddle shell.

MID LEVEL - Bontrager Verse Elite Bike Saddle The long cut-out, all-carbon construction and austenite rails make this saddle the most versatile seat. The seat is also equipped with a Blendr accessory mounts to cleanly integrate rear light for those late come backs from the trails.

HIGH END - Bontrager Verse Pro Our most versatile performance saddle puts you in a power posture for speed and control wherever you ride. Verse Pro is built with ultra-light, oversized carbon rails, a carbon-reinforced shell and an inForm design with a full cut-out shape for the ultimate in comfort and performance.

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Shoes and pedals team up to provide you with a more efficient, comfortable and enjoyable ride. The pedals you buy will depend on the style of shoes you have, and your shoes will depend on the kind of riding you do. There are three main types of pedals, and with some exceptions, specific shoes are worn with each. Want to find out more? Head on to our pedal buying guide and see what’s best for you.

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MID LEVEL - Bontrager Line Comp Flat Pedals Any trail rider can appreciate the benefits of the Line Elite MTB pedal. It features a durable nylon body and solid platform with replaceable traction pins, so every time you place your foot, your shoe stays put.

HIGH END - Bontrager Line Pro MTB With a concave shape and 10 long pins, these pedals will hold to any shoe with no problem giving you the confidence to focus on your line.

CLIPLESS - Bontrager Comp MTB Clipless Take your riding to the next level with Bontrager Comp MTB pedals. A fully adjustable release tension lets you dial in the right feel for your ride and adds the confidence and efficiency of a secure connection to your bike.

Mountain bike gear

Epic adventures start with great gear. Shop our selection of MTB equipment for handlebars that help you ride longer, tyres that can take on every trail, helmets that give you the confidence to drop into anything, and more.

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