【TAX FREE】一部直営店にて免税販売スタート! TAX FREE

【TAX FREE】一部直営店にて免税販売スタート! TAX FREE

We are pleased to announce that some of our directly-managed stores are now offering duty-free sales.


【Stores that are eligible for this service】

TREK Bicycle Roppongi

TREK Bicycle Tokyo Akishima

TREK Bicycle Tokyo Aoyama

TREK Bicycle Tokyo Jimbocho

TREK Bicycle Tokyo Ikebukuro Higashiguchi

TREK Bicycle Osaka Honmachi

TREK Bicycle Osaka Umeda

TREK Bicycle Osaka Namba

TREK Bicycle Kobe Sannomiya

TREK Bicycle THE OUTLETS Kitakyushu

TREK Bicycle Fukuoka Tenjin



・This sale is for non-residents (staying 6 months or less) such as foreign tourists.

・Non-residents (within 6 months of stay) such as foreign tourists are required to present their passports for tax exemption procedures. (Photocopies are not acceptable.)

・Presentation of passport is required for tax exemption procedures.

・Please take out of Japan within 30 days from the date of purchase.


Please note that we may have to keep you waiting as we are not familiar with the process at first.

We appreciate your understanding.






TREK Bicycle 六本木 店

TREK Bicycle 東京昭島 店

TREK Bicycle 東京青山 店

TREK Bicycle 東京神保町 店

TREK Bicycle 東京池袋東口 店

TREK Bicycle 大阪本町 店

TREK Bicycle 大阪梅田 店

TREK Bicycle 大阪なんば 店

TREK Bicycle 神戸三宮 店

TREK Bicycle THE OUTLETS 北九州 店

TREK Bicycle 福岡天神 店










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