How to dress for rainy days Rain in the forecast? That’s no reason not to ride.

How to dress for rainy days Rain in the forecast? That’s no reason not to ride.

Like it or not, there are days when it’s going to rain. Amsterdam, Brussels and Copenhagen have some of the highest bicycle transportation rates in the western hemisphere, and also some of the sketchiest weather. So, how do they do it? We went there to find out.

It’s all about preparation
Aside from a positive mental attitude, the best thing you can do when the rain just won’t go away is add a few essential garments to your collection. A couple of hours in the saddle with a constant Danish drizzle revealed some clear essentials.

  • Our favourite rain jacket
    Keeping your core dry and warm will keep your spirits bright. We love the extended sleeves and droptail on the Velocis Stormshell Cycling Jacket because of the extra coverage it provides when you’re in a cycling position.
  • Our favourite gloves
    Grip is important in the rain, and gloves help keep your digits warm and nimble. These gloves will keep your hands dry and in control.
  • Our favourite shoe covers
    Don’t have cycling shoes? Most cycling shoe covers offer enough stretch to fit over work shoes and trainers. Pro tip – if you’re wearing high-tops or boots and want to keep them dry, buy a shoe cover that’s a size or two over what you usually use.

Pack a grooming kit
A travel kit with some simple grooming supplies is really all you need for a quick work-ready touch-up once you arrive at your destination. Start small and pack travel-size grooming supplies and see how it goes. You’ll quickly figure out what you need and what you don’t.

Keep a set of dry clothes at the office
There’s a scene in Mad Men when the show’s protagonist reaches into his office desk drawer for a clean shirt after a night of mid 20th century carousing. That same level of preparedness can benefit bike commuters big time. A dry set of clothes ready to go at the office is a true bike baller move (without all of the debauchery).

Add mudguards to your bike
One thing that stands out when you look at bikes in cities with lots of bike commuting is that almost all of the bikes have mudguards. It’s a simple, effective and relatively cheap upgrade to make your bike wet-weather ready.

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