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Five Things You Need for Your First Bike Ride to Work

Five Things You Need for Your First Bike Ride to Work

Are you thinking about commuting to work by bicycle for the first time? Why not?! Riding your bike to work can reduce carbon emissions, help with congestion on our roads, and provide a great fitness boost to your day. Check out the 5 items below and get set up for your first bicycle commute to work.
Daytime Running Lights for Bicycle Safety

1. Daytime running lights

Daytime running lights are rear lights for your bike that improve your visibility to drivers during daylight hours. Existing research indicates that the single best way for a cyclist to increase the likelihood of being seen by a driver is to use a flashing light that’s daylight visible.

What exactly makes a light visible in the day? Bontrager’s Daytime Running Lights (DRL) have unique properties that allow them to be seen during the day.

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Bontrager WaveCel Helmet

2. A safe helmet

The bike helmet has the most important job, that’s why we recommend Bontrager helmets with WaveCel technology. WaveCel is a revolutionary, Bontrager-exclusive helmet technology that has been shown in a recent study to be up to 48x more effective than traditional foam helmets in protecting your head from injuries caused by certain cycling accidents.*

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Bontrager Quantum Fitness Cycling Shorts

3. A pair of comfy bike shorts

Comfort is important when riding to work. Good quality bike shorts are essential to provide an extra layer of padding between you and your bike. You can choose between the classic skin-tight look that give you the freedom to move or go for a looser pair that look like regular fitness shorts.

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Bontrager Pro Flat Pack

4. A flat kit

It’s important to be prepared in case you get a flat tyre on your commute. Installing a new tube is relatively simple, you just need the right tools. We recommend the Bontrager Pro Flat Pack, because it’s small enough to fit in a pocket and has everything you need to fix a flat tyre on the fly.

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5. Bags and racks to carry your gear

Some bike commuters opt for backpacks to carry their gear, which are a great option. However, you could also consider bags that you can mount on your bike such as a seat pack that sits underneath the saddle, or larger bags that attach to a fender over your rear wheel. Which pack you go for will depend on how much gear you expect to ride with – just remember that less is better.

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