Great Ride Series: Candace Shadley Meet Trek Dirt Series founder Candace Shadley on Top of the World

Great Ride Series: Candace Shadley Meet Trek Dirt Series founder Candace Shadley on Top of the World

As you inch closer to the Top of the World, the sky stretches before you in a way that feels like you’re flying. And when you dip your front wheel onto the trail and begin to flow down the peak of Whistler Mountain, you’re even more convinced that somehow you’ve achieved the impossible.

Wildflowers blur past your feet in broad strokes of purple and yellow—the smell of nearby forests connecting you to the earth that moves beneath your feet, the granite spires of Black Tusk beckoning in the distance.

To Trek Dirt Series founder Candace Shadley, the Top of the World trail is the embodiment of the sport of mountain biking, and the perfect place to push your limits.

It’s no surprise this trail is absolute magic, with a name like Top of the World,” Candace says. “But being able to share such an enchanting place with the riders who join me at Dirt Series makes it even better. It’s a special thing to experience with someone who’s already riding high from a weekend of conquering their fears and doing things they never thought possible.

Want to experience that top-of-the-world feeling firsthand?

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