Tips for safer e-bike rides Six things to know for the best experience on your electric bike

Tips for safer e-bike rides Six things to know for the best experience on your electric bike

When you ride and commute on an e-bike, you can carry more while sweating less, go faster with less effort, and avoid traffic jams and car parks. Plus, you’re spending time outside getting exercise.

E-bikes are fun, intuitive and easy to ride. Just like on any bike, knowing some safety tips for riding your e-bike will make your experience that much more fun and rewarding. Follow along in this video to learn what to keep in mind when you’re riding an e-bike.

Start slow – It may be tempting to ramp your e-bike up to the fastest setting straight away, but we recommend taking it nice and easy and starting on the low power setting for your first few rides. We also recommend riding in a large, empty car park or a road closed to traffic while you familiarise yourself with your new e-bike.

Brake sooner – more power, more speed and a heavier frame means that you’ll need to start slowing down sooner on your e-bike than you would on a normal bike.

Brake lightly and evenly – Basically all e-bikes come with disc brakes, which means better braking in all conditions. When you’re getting used to your new bike and brakes, be sure to always brake with a light hand and a gradual, even pull of both brake levers.

Ride with extra care – E-bikes look just like regular bikes, so people might not expect you to be riding as fast as your e-bike allows. This means that you should be extra careful and pay greater attention to your surroundings when you ride.

Follow the rules of the road – Your new e-bike will bring you a new level of freedom and fun – but you’re still responsible for knowing and following all the rules of the road, paths and trails in your area. There’s a lot to love about e-bikes, so do your part in showing how they’re a fun way to ride. No one likes a reckless rider, especially when they’re on an e-bike.

Finally, always wear a high-quality helmet that fits properly every time you hop on your bike, no matter how far you’re going!

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