Tips for commuting by bike Eight tips for fun, stress-free bike commutes.

Tips for commuting by bike Eight tips for fun, stress-free bike commutes.

It can seem a little daunting to commute to work on your bike, but we promise that it’s actually easier than you think! In fact, with the right gear and preparation, commuting by bike is a blast. It’s a great way to enjoy the outdoors, get some exercise and it’s way more fun than sitting in a traffic jam.

1. Pack it up, pack it in.

Choose a backpack you’re comfortable riding with, install a rack and panniers, or use both depending on how much you need to carry. Plan on packing whatever you need for work plus an extra set of clothes in case of sweat or bad weather.

2. Make your bike weather-ready.

Consider investing in mudguards and wider tyres. Mudguards reduce the chance you’ll get soaked from rain or snow flying up from your tyres, and wider tyres add traction and stability. That extra grip is especially nice if you want to ride throughout the winter.

3. Bring a jacket just in case.

Always pack a rain jacket, even if you don’t think you’ll need it. You never know when a rogue downpour or drizzle will hit! Plus, it’s always nice to have a wind-blocking layer on hand for protection from the elements.

4. Don’t forget your lock.

If you can’t park your bike by your desk, make sure you have a good-quality lock to secure your bike outside or in your office building’s bike parking area. We recommend using a u-lock

5. Pre-ride your route.

If you’re nervous about getting to work on time, pre-riding your route is a great way to understand how long it’ll actually take you door-to-door. Remember, the route you drive is not always the safest route by bike. Google Maps and other apps can help you find an alternative route that’s more enjoyable for bike riders.

6. Ensure that time is on your side.

Give yourself a little more time than you need so that you won’t have to stress or rush in case of any unforeseen circumstances like a flat tyre, terrible weather, etc.

7. Have a back-up plan.

Whether it’s taking the bus, car-pooling with friends and co-workers, or taking your own vehicle, it’s always good to have a plan B in case of mechanical issues or weather conditions.

8. Ride with friends.

Like most things in life, commuting is more fun with friends! Ask a few of your co.workers to join you the next time you ride to work.


Always ride with front and rear lights and a helmet. Doing these two simple things can help you stay safer out on the road.

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