Thinking about commuting college or university? Returning to college or university (or even to work) this autumn? Chances are, the only vehicle you need this year is a bicycle. No really!

Thinking about commuting college or university? Returning to college or university (or even to work) this autumn? Chances are, the only vehicle you need this year is a bicycle. No really!

Cycling means less time stuck in traffic, starting the day feeling energised and it’s an easy way to travel around during your day. Classes based on different campuses? Find yourself regularly popping into town between lectures? Cycling could be the easiest and quickest way!


Many campuses are all-inclusive or close to the town centre, meaning everything you need access to is within walking—and riding—distance. After all, having a car means finding parking, paying for fuel, and may not be the best idea when living on a budget or if you are trying to think about your impact on the environment.


If you’re not sure how to start, here are our top tips to get you rolling.

Choose a bike


With plenty of bike types to pick from, it all depends on your commute. Whether it’s hilly or flat, or on tarmac or towpaths, you need the right tool for the job. We have both Trek hybrid city and Electra town bikes to choose from and both come in electric models to increase your pedalling power.  Try our Bike Finder to discover the best bike for your commute.

Loft Go5
Verve 3 Lifestyle Shot
Trek Allant Lifestyle
Electra 8i Lifestyle

If you already have a bike in good working order, great! Just pump the tyres, oil the chain, check the brakes work, and you’re ready to roll. If it’s not seen daylight for a while, take it for a service.


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Good-to-have accessories


Stay safe

Using daytime running lights is a good way to be noticed, but a combination of daytime running lights, highlighting your body’s moving parts and choosing gear (clothing, shoes, helmet) that contrasts with the environment is the best option. The more of the ABC (always on, biomotion and contrast) you practise on every ride, the more you’ll stand out. We have a helpful guide on How we ride with the ABCs of safety while commuting.


Increase your bike’s hauling capacity

With a sturdy rear bike rack designed for everything from carrying your shopping,  work and college essentials to long-distance touring, and secure your most prized possession with a quality bike lock from Bontrager.

Bontrager Accessories
Electra Checker Accessories

Maintenance essentials

Carry these in case you get stuck. From portable Bontrager multi-tools to tools for professional suspension and bearing maintenance, we have every tool you need to repair and maintain your ride.

Bontrager Repair Kit

1. Spare inner tube
2. Puncture repair kit and tyre levers
3. Mini pump
4. Multi-tool
5. Charged spare lights

Plan your commute

The best way by car isn’t always the best way by bike. Here are some tips to make your commute a much more enjoyable experience.


Minimise busy roads

Why use busy main roads when there’s a whole new world of bike lanes, shared-use paths and quiet back roads available to you?

If your town or city is lacking decent cycling infrastructure, then join together quieter streets to create the most traffic-free route you can.

Minimise traffic lights

If time-keeping isn’t your strength, factor this into your route to work. The fewer intersections and traffic lights, the less time you lose waiting around.

Similarly, avoid passing schools at peak times when the roads are car-logged and the zebra crossings are in constant use.


Want to learn more route planning tips?How to plan your route article

Verve 3 lifestyle

Cycling to work without sweating


Let’s get one thing straight: if you didn’t sweat, it would be really hard to live. The appearance and odour of sweat may be frowned upon in many places, but perspiration is essential to your body’s natural temperature regulation efforts.
You’ll never truly get rid of it – and trust us, you really wouldn’t want to – but if fear of getting sweaty prevents you from choosing your bike, we can help by teaching you how to make a few smart choices to cut back on perspiration and its side effects.


  1. Leave with plenty of time and take a slow and gentle ride to work
  2. Wear cycling kit made from moisture-wicking fabrics to keep you fresh
  3. Use a pannier instead of a backpack
  4. Commute on an ebike for higher mileage at lower effort
  5. Keep some dry shampoo and towel-off body wash at work.


Ready to get out there? We’d love to see you enjoying your commute – share your rides with us on Instagram using #GoByBike. Keep checking back to our blog for more tips to keep you cycling and stories from the Trek family.

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