TREK CENTURY CHALLENGE 2020 50 days. Four challenges. One stronger you. Are you ready?

TREK CENTURY CHALLENGE 2020 50 days. Four challenges. One stronger you. Are you ready?

Test your limits with cyclists from the length and breadth of the country during Trek Bikes India’s first-ever #TrekCenturyChallenge. Whether you are riding to train or riding for leisure, this is your chance to see how far you can go.

Join the Trek Bikes India Strava club and participate in the challenges posted every alternate week – riding a total of 100, 200, 300, or 500 kilometers, for a chance to win Bontrager accessories and riding gear. All you have to do is:

  • Register yourself here.
  • Join the Trek Bikes India Strava Club.
  • Participate in the challenge by publishing an “activity” along with a “post” in real-time on the club page with an image of you with your bike.
  • Use the hashtags #TrekCenturyChallenge and #GoByBike.

Remember, the farther you go, the sweeter the swag – so settle in for lots of saddle time and prepare to push yourself.

Keep your eyes on the prize:
The first 10/10/5/3 winners to successfully complete the challenge will win a t-shirt, pump, Bontrager helmet, and shoes, respectively. The winners will be contacted by Trek Bikes India through a comment on their last post seeking their details, along with an individual post during the following week of the challenge.

Ready to ride? The road ahead may look long, but you’re stronger than you think.

*Terms & Conditions Apply


  1. Rider to sign-up for the Trek Century Challenge on .
  2. Rider to join Trek Bikes India’s Strava club on the Strava platform .
  3. Only entries published as ACTIVITIES and as POSTS on Trek Bikes India’s Strava club ( will be accepted.
  4. Every entry to incorporate the hashtags #TrekCenturyChallenge and #GoByBike
    Entries will only be accepted from:
    1. Week 1 – 10th August, 12:00 am – 16th August, 11:59 pm
    2. Week 2 – 24th August, 12:00 am – 30th August, 11:59 pm
    3. Week 3 – 7th September, 12:00 am – 13th September, 11:59 pm
    4. Week 3 – 21st September, 12:00 am – 27th September, 11:59 pm
  5. It is mandatory for the contestant to post an image along with the bike after completion of each ride.
  6. The activities of the rider will be tallied with the posts published – Images and Hashtags and Titles should be same in Activity post and club Post.
  7. Contestant is to keep the activities public and not hide them.
  8. Winner announcement to be made – in the following week of the challenge.
  9. It is mandatory for the participants to upload their respective activity and post on the same day of the ride. Should the participant fail to update his activity and post on the same day and updates the same on a later date; the date of the POST will be considered and not the date of when the ride was completed.
  10. This challenge is only open to persons of age 18 and older.
  11. This challenge is only open to persons living in India.
  12. All entries are to be done on the Strava application only – direct message/posting on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter will not be accepted.
  13. Should the contestant be publishing several activities and posts towards the challenge, the serial number of the post is to be stated to keep track of the contestant’s undertakings. For e.g.: Day 1 – #TrekCenturyChallenge – Post 1. Day 2 – #TrekCenturyChallenge – Post 2.
  14. It is NOT mandatory for the contestant to ride daily.
  15. All the entries are going to be monitored daily; hence, all the guidelines are to be carefully followed.
  16. The winner must track a cumulative of 100/200/300/500 kms on Strava during the said period.
  17. The first 10/10/5/3 contestants to complete the challenge will be declared winners.
  18. Winner will be contacted by Trek Bikes India via a comment on their last activity/post. The winner would then be required to share the a) Full Name, b) Contact Details, and c) City of Residence and ID proof over email.
  19. Trek Bikes India will also publish a post announcing the winners.
  20. There is a limit of one (1) reward per person per CHALLENGE.
  21. Indoor Trainer Rides synced in Strava will NOT be considered part of the challenge.
  22. Manual Activity Posts will not be considered.

Use of Personal Information: Sponsor, its subsidiaries, and business partners may use the personal information (name, address, email) provided by you during the entry process to contact you to promote their products and services. You may opt-out at any time by unsubscribing to promotional emails or by sending a written request to be deleted from this mailing list to [email protected]

General Terms: Your entry in this Challenge constitutes your full and unconditional agreement to and acceptance of these rules. Entrants agree that the Sponsor of this giveaway, and their affiliates, subsidiaries, employees, agents or other representatives of any kind shall not be responsible or liable for damages or losses of any kind arising out of or resulting from entry in this giveaway, acceptance or use of a reward, or any other matter related to this giveaway, including, without limitation, claims based on property damage, personal injury and/or death, publicity rights, defamation or invasion of privacy. All decisions related to, as well as all interpretation of, these rules by Sponsor will be final.

Safety recommendations:

  • Wear a properly fitted helmet at all times while riding.
  • Cycling gloves help tackle varied climates and conditions and help with a firm grip.
  • Wear fluorescent gear during daylight to help stand out from the surrounding environment.
  • Use reflective tape, gear or accessories at night to be as visible as possible.
  • Equip your bike with front and rear lights for visibility.
  • Please obey all traffic light signals, traffic signs, and road markings as per the law.
  • Ride at a safe speed.
  • Keep a safe distance from any vehicle in front of you and beware of their sudden stop for avoiding accident happen.
  • Always use hand signals when turning, slowing down or stopping; before passing other road users, shoulder check and use your bell, or your voice.

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