Gears & Gelato Unforgettable Italian Bike-packing on the X-Caliber ft. Delton Dsouza

Gears & Gelato Unforgettable Italian Bike-packing on the X-Caliber ft. Delton Dsouza

The true spirit of adventure


Life has a way of presenting us with unexpected turns and delightful surprises. For one passionate Trek rider, what started as a response to an ankle injury transformed into a thrilling adventure of a lifetime. From Mumbai to the far reaches of Italy, the journey of exploring on two wheels has been nothing short of awe-inspiring. Armed with the versatile Trek X-Caliber, this rider has pedaled through challenges, bonded with fellow adventurers, and discovered the beauty of Italy’s landscapes, culture, and cuisine.

Riding Shot

Trek Rider: Delton Dsouza

“Sometimes, life’s detours lead us to the most beautiful discoveries. Cycling became my refuge, and it opened doors to landscapes I never imagined exploring.” – Delton Dsouza


A Twist of Fate Leads to New Beginnings

2018 marked a turning point for this adventurer as an ankle injury interrupted trail running aspirations. The unexpected pause in running led to a love affair with cycling, a passion born out of necessity. Mumbai’s bustling and vibrant streets became a canvas for exploration, and the spark ignited during those rides would soon evolve into a journey that spanned continents.


Pedaling Through Triumphs: Bike-Packing Across Continents

Bike packing wasn’t just a mode of travel; it was a philosophy that beckoned our rider to far-flung horizons. From Mumbai to Bhutan, from Leh to Rangdum, and from Norway to the shores of Lake Garda in Italy, every pedal stroke was a testament to physical and mental endurance. Even a brakeless Fixed gear bike couldn’t tame his spirit, as accolades accumulated with each expedition.

Bike Packing 101

“Through bike packing, I discovered a profound connection between my physical strength and the beauty of diverse landscapes. It’s a journey of the heart and mind as much as it is of the body.”


Shared Journeys, Lasting Bonds

While solo adventures are cherished, the camaraderie of kindred spirits adds a unique dimension to bike packing. Travels with friends Aditya Talwar and Imrin Singh set the foundation for a bond forged through challenges, resilience, and the pursuit of the outdoors. It’s in the company of fellow adventurers that the true essence of exploration thrives. The recent Bikepacking trip with Saiyami Kher, Rannvijay Singha, Aditya Talwar, Shardul Donde was fun, and it was epic to say the least.


“Remember in the end we’ll all become stories. So, make sure you live a great adventure.”

(L-R) Aditya Talwar, Delton Dsouza, and Imrin Singh Bike-packing destination: Norway

(L-R) Aditya Talwar, Rannvijay Singha, Saiyami Kher, Shardul Donde, and Delton Dsouza Bike-packing destination: Italy

Training: A Regimen for Adventure

Training: A Regimen for Adventure

Preparation isn’t just about packing; it’s about cultivating the physical and mental prowess required to conquer uncharted paths. With disciplined training, Delton molded himself into a formidable force, ever-ready to tackle bike-packing or ultra-events. Elevation training in Mumbai, coupled with endurance rides, sculpted the endurance needed for the journey. Researching weather, terrains, and amenities ensured he was equipped for whatever the road ahead offered.

Training meets adventure

“Training isn’t just about physical conditioning; it’s about cultivating the mindset of an adventurer. It’s about knowing that you’re prepared for whatever lies beyond the horizon.”

Italy’s Magnetic Allure

Italy beckoned with promises of captivating culture and the allure of cycling-friendly terrains. Amidst the diverse regions, Lake Garda stood out, a hidden gem on the cyclist’s map. Delton’s favorite leg of the journey, the Tremalzo Pass. He says, “Our ride kicked off from the enchanting Riva Del Garda, taking us up to the majestic Tremalzo Pass and back again, covering 76.5 kilometers with an impressive elevation gain of 1864 meters. The climb featured segments with gradients ranging from 28 to 36%, while the descent from Tremalzo Pass treated us to thrilling MTB terrain. Undoubtedly, this day ranked among the trip’s most exhilarating and unforgettable experiences.”

Unforgettable Moments

Unforgettable Moments and Overcoming Challenges

Unforgettable moments paint the canvas of adventure. Standing atop the Tremalzo pass, the Trek crew gazed upon a breathtaking panorama, a testament to triumph over the terrain. Descending from Monte Baldo, a foggy encounter led to an unplanned detour, a testament to the unpredictability of the journey. Yet, challenges were met with humor and camaraderie, proving that the road less traveled is often the most rewarding.


“Adventure isn’t just about the picturesque views; it’s about the stories woven through unexpected encounters and daring escapades. Even the challenges become cherished memories.”

(L-R) Rannvijay Singha, Aditya Talwar and Delton Dsouza Bike-packing destination: Italy

Cultural Bonds and Cherished Stops:

Italy welcomed us with open hearts, forming friendships that enriched our adventure. Amidst these connections, a Gelato shop owner in Tignale left a lasting impression. Despite the language barrier, his guidance to vegan gelato options spoke volumes about the kindness of the Italian people.


Lake Garda’s Cycling Gem:

Cyclists and bike packers, the 310-kilometer Lake Garda circuit is a paradise of diversity. From smooth roads to gravel and challenging MTB paths, it offers a symphony of terrains. Amidst vineyards and lakeshore rides, don’t miss the stunning Tremalzo Pass.

“My top spots? Riva Del Garda, Tignale, and the invigorating Tremalzo Pass – where memories and magic converged.”

(L-R) Aditya Talwar and Saiyami Kher Bike-packing destination: Tignale, Italy

X-Caliber: A Companion for Every Mile

The choice of bike can make or break a bike-packing adventure. Researched and ready, the X-Caliber 9 was tailor-made for Italy’s diverse terrain. Its 1x system conquered steep inclines with loaded bags, and its dropper post offered control on exhilarating descents.

Wide knobby tires gripped fiercely on rough trails, while lockout suspension conserved energy on climbs and enabled spirited descents. The 1x system’s 30T crank and 10-51 cassette effortlessly tackled climbs and maintained speed on flats.

Beyond XC racing, the X-Caliber 9 excelled as a bike-packing ally. Equipped with bags, its comfort and adaptability shone through on climbs, descents, rough terrain, and high-speed rides. In essence, X-Caliber 9 amplified our Italian adventure, elevating each moment with versatility, comfort, and thrill.

An ultimate ride companion

“We bike packed in the rain, heat, as mentioned on some of the most gnarly off-road sections and when I went on the route recce, I even cycled through snow. The bike performed extremely well. Surprisingly, we did not get a single flat tire throughout the trip. The X-Caliber 9 is a beast, and it performs exactly how it’s supposed too.”


The true spirit of adventure


From the streets of Mumbai to the lakeshores of Italy, this Delton’s journey reflects the essence of exploration, resilience, and the power of shared experiences. Each pedal stroke was a tribute to personal growth, new friendships, and the unending curiosity that fuels the spirit of adventure. As the wheels of the X-Caliber rolled through diverse terrains, they carried with them a testament to the human spirit’s capacity for discovery and a reminder that the journey, with all its twists and turns, is a canvas waiting to be painted with stories worth sharing. So, in the spirit of this intrepid rider, embrace the path less traveled, for there, true adventure awaits.

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