How to set up your indoor cycling space Riding inside this winter? Here's how to love it.

How to set up your indoor cycling space Riding inside this winter? Here's how to love it.

So, you have your bike. You have your bike trainer. Now it’s time to set up your pain cave (cue thunder and lightning).

Don’t worry—just because it’s called a “pain cave” doesn’t mean it has to be uncomfortable. In fact, you’ll get way more out of your indoor riding space if you actually like being in it.

Let’s get started.

First, you need to decide where you want to put your trainer. Do you have a spare room or a basement you can dedicate to your setup? Are you gonna be spinning in your bedroom whilst staring longingly at your bed? Will you and your roommate be racing side by side in your dining room-turned-Tour de France course?

Wherever you plan to ride, you’ll need to dedicate a 6×6 foot space for your new setup. Make sure it’s somewhere you’ll want to spend time, perhaps near a window for a little natural light.

Now that you’ve decided where you’re going to spin, lay out your trainer mat to protect your floors and help muffle the sound of your workout. A trainer mat is more of a want than a need, but we recommend the Wahoo KICKR Trainer Floormat if you opt for one.

Next, decide how you’re going to make indoor riding more fun. We suggest switching on some MTB films to keep stoke high while you spin, so make sure you’re close to an outlet or a screen. If you can ride in front of a TV, that’s great! Otherwise, you can always set up a stool or a small table for a laptop, too. This is also the ideal spot if you have a smart trainer and want to do a little virtual reality training.

You’ll probably want to set up a fan right away, too. You’ll be generating a lot more heat than you might expect when you ride inside (this is our way of saying you’re gonna sweat a lot). The Wahoo KICKR Headwind Bluetooth Fan is a great choice as it’s designed specifically for indoor cycling. You should also grab a towel or two and place one under your trainer and another within reach.

All that extra sweat means hydration and nutrition are extra important. Nuun Hydration Tablets are a great addition to any workout, and for longer trainer rides you should plan ahead with a mix of bars, electrolyte chews, and any other easily digestible snacks. Again, keep them within reach or in your jersey pocket for easy access while you train.

Some of our favorite trainer snacks and beverages include:
Kate’s Real Food Granola Bars
Skratch Labs Anytime Energy Bars
• Potato chips for a little extra salt
• Homemade trail mix (must include chocolate)
Skratch Labs Sport Hydration Mix
• Beer (you know, for after…)

You’re almost ready to ride! But before you do, remember—indoor training comes with its own set of obstacles. You may not have to check for cars or pedestrians while you ride, but you will need to take some other safety precautions.

Make sure to double and triple check your bike’s stability before getting on and starting your workout. It might sound silly, but we’ve seen more than a few people (professional athletes included) fall off their trainers if they aren’t secured properly. You’ll also want to keep little kids and furry friends in separate rooms. Fingers and tails can get stuck in spinning wheels, so plan accordingly.

And just like that, you’re ready to roll—’er, we mean spin? Semantics aside, we hope you have an awesome ride!

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