How to do a pre-ride check

Do this quick five-step check every time you get ready to ride

How to ride gravel | basic techniques by Guy Kesteven

Gravel riding is a fantastic way to escape traffic, immerse yourself in nature and explore places old and new. Whether you’re gearing up for your first-ever gravel adventure or planning your biggest trip yet, this guide can help you grow your skills and enjoy any surface or scenario you encounter on the road less travelled.

How to prevent hand numbness while riding

Five tips for reducing and preventing numbness while you ride. 
FuelEXe Detail Battery

How to maximize your e-bike range.

To maximize battery life and extend your E-bikes’ range, follow these tips:

E-bike cleaning do’s and don’ts

Yes, you need to clean your e-bike periodically. How often depends on how you use your bike.

Never Look Back

The Story of the 2021 Paris-Roubaix Femmes
Marlin's new packaging

A better box for a healthier planet

What we’re doing about the messy business of bike packaging