Sports in the time of COVID19

Sports in the time of COVID19

Wall Street Journal sports columnist Jason Gay talks writing, riding, and surviving in NYC 

Jason Gay is something of an anomaly in today’s world. In a sea of folks that hop on social media and pretend they’re fitness aficionados, Jason uses his reach as a sports columnist at the Wall Street Journal to instead write relatable stories about times he’s found himself on the struggle bus.

With a mix of wit, humility, irony, and self-deprecation, Jason occupies a unique space in today’s media landscape. His regular Wall Street Journal column is widely read, and some of his pieces are to credit for awareness around the sport of cycling outside the Tour de France. 

His take on everything from sports and popular culture to life as a busy father offers a refreshing and honest look at the world around us, and we couldn’t be more excited to welcome him to the show. 

Jason joined Mark and Eric, all from their respective living rooms, to talk about COVID-19’s impact on the cycling world, what it’s like to be the “bike guy” in the office, and to offer tips for stay-at-home virtual cyclists. Enjoy! 

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