How to set up your indoor cycling space Riding inside this winter? Here's how to love it.

How to set up your indoor cycling space Riding inside this winter? Here's how to love it.

You have your bike. You have your bike trainer. Now it’s time to set up your pain cave (cue thunder and lightning).

Don’t worry – just because it’s called a ‘pain cave’ doesn’t mean it has to be uncomfortable. In fact, you’ll get way more out of your indoor riding space if you actually like being in it. Getting set up is easy, all it takes is a few thoughtful choices and you’ll be able to spin through the winter blues with nothing on your mind but the sweet spring riding ahead.

1. Let’s get started

Decide where you want to put your trainer. Wherever you plan to ride, you’ll need to dedicate a 1.8×1.8 metre space for your new set-up. Make sure that it’s somewhere you’ll want to spend time, perhaps near a window for a little natural light. Consider adding a trainer mat. While this is more of a want than a need, it will help protect your floors and muffle the sound of your workout.

2. Make it fun

Next, think about how you’ll make indoor riding more fun. If you can ride in front of a TV, that’s great! Otherwise, setting up a stool or small table for a laptop to put on your favourite programme or film while you spin. This is an ideal spot if you have a smart training and want to dive into virtual-reality training.

3. Ventilation is key

When you spin indoors you’ll be generating a lot more heat than you might expect. Set up a fan to help yourself stay cool, and grab a towel or two. Place one under your trainer, and another within reach.

Protect your floors and muffle loud noises when you train with a Trainer Mat.

Streamline your set-up with a laptop desk for easy access to your laptop or tablet.

Do it all with a smart trainer built to get you through every indoor workout.


4. Hydrate and go

All that extra sweat means that hydration and nutrition are extra important. For longer trainer rides you should plan ahead with a mix of bars, electrolyte chews and any other easily digestible snacks.  Hydration Tablets are a great addition to any workout. Keep them within reach for easy access while you train.

5. Ride safely

Finally, remember to take some safety precautions. Double and triple-check your bike’s stability before getting on and starting your workout. You’ll also want to keep small children and furry friends in a separate room. Fingers and tails can get stuck in spinning components, so plan accordingly.

And just like that, you’re ready to roll – ‘er, we mean spin? Semantics aside, we hope you have an incredible ride!

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