Luke Bryan: huntin’, fishin’, ridin’ every day

Luke Bryan: huntin’, fishin’, ridin’ every day

How one of country music’s brightest stars became a  passionate cyclist

You might think Luke Bryan is in his element when he’s on stage singing to thousands of country music fans—but what you might not know is that Luke feels just as comfortable in the saddle of a bike, riding the roads of wherever his demanding tour schedule takes him or cruising the trails of his Tennessee property.

During Luke’s Farm Tour, he swung through the Trek HQ for the first ever live episode of Better with Bikes. On this episode, Mark and Luke are joined by members of the Trek Family to chat bikes, beer, and everything in between.

In addition to a Q&A‌ with Trek employees, you’ll hear about how elk hunting led Luke to discover cycling, how he came to feel comfortable in “froufrou pants,” how he finds the time to ride while on tour, and more.

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