Why pro cycling’s biggest shock of the year shouldn’t surprise you

Why pro cycling’s biggest shock of the year shouldn’t surprise you

Cycling is a sport known for its rising stars, but it’s not often one of those bright young athletes finds himself shooting straight to the top


What were you doing when you were 23? For most of us, that time in our life is spent going to school, exploring different options, and figuring out what the future may hold. For Trek-Segafredo’s young Danish rider, Mads Pedersen, the future arrived rather quickly — at just 23, he ascended to a place in pro cycling most riders spend their entire careers trying to reach. 

When Mads sprinted to victory in some of the worst weather in recent world championship history, the cycling world was astonished. At his age, most riders are still in development mode. But today, we’ll learn that if people knew Mads a little better, they wouldn’t have been surprised at all. Mads stopped into Trek HQ along with his teammates from both the Trek-Segafredo Men’s and Women’s Teams for our annual Team Camp and was able to find a few minutes to talk racing, marriage, pastries, and learn what a world champion orders at McDonald’s. 

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