How to clean your bike shoes Learn how to wash your shoes and cleats  

How to clean your bike shoes Learn how to wash your shoes and cleats  

When chasing adventures on your bike, your shoes can take a real beating. Rain, mud, dust, it can get to be a real mess and worse, it can wear down shoes more quickly. Watch below as Evan the Intern teaches you how to wash your shoes and cleats, so they’ll last longer and give you more miles of fun.

No time for a video? No worries, here is a quick overview:

You should always wipe your shoes with a damp cloth if they’re dusty and dirty after a ride. If they’re grimy and crusted with mud, remove the insoles, loosen up straps and buckles, and dunk them in a bucket of water mixed with a bit of mild dishwashing soap. Then, scrub them gently but thoroughly with a soft brush, paying close attention to buckles and cleats. Rinse your shoes in cool water once you’re done. Finally, stuff your shoes with newspaper and leave them to dry out. Never put your shoes in the dryer or leave them to dry near a heat source.

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