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The authentic Steffi Marth This Trek Gravity Girl is chasing reality

The authentic Steffi Marth This Trek Gravity Girl is chasing reality

Steffi Marth has been a professional mountain biker for more than a decade. In that time, she’s been on more than a few photo sets and she’s learnt that the camera doesn’t always capture the full story.

In today’s world, producers seek atmosphere and emotion. But what happens when the intensity is posed? Is it still real?

In this new film project, Steffi and a crew explore the question of authenticity – and in the process, shed light on the reality of what it can mean to be the subject of a mountain bike film.

In the end, mountain bike films and photos exist to show the world of mountain bikers. But even more than that, they exist to inspire. And perhaps they should also force us to question what’s real and not – and encourage us to find the answer on our own.

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