Pedaling through the cold

Pedaling through the cold

One polar adventurer & climate change activist’s ride to the South Pole

Eric Larsen knows cold. As a Wisconsinite, he’s no doubt developed a thicker cold tolerance than most—but that’s just the base layer. Eric’s experienced the brutal depths of polar cold and gone back for more.

He’s a seasoned adventurer, expedition guide, dog musher, and educator who’s spent the last fifteen years traveling to some of Earth’s most remote places. He’s ridden his Trek Farley in Antarctica, mushed sled dogs in the Canadian Arctic, and even skied both the North and South Poles.

His travels have taught him many things, not least of which is that even the world’s most untouched places are affected by humankind. That’s why he makes a point of sharing his passion for the outdoors with others, and educates them about our impact on the planet.

Today, we’re talking with Eric about his favorite expeditions (including fat biking to the South Pole!), how he prepares for his epic trips, and his best tips for would-be adventurers. We also discuss how his adventures have helped him bring more awareness to the climate change conversation. Enjoy!

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