From Waterloo with love

From Waterloo with love

Get your crayons, get your pencils, get your paint—then create your own version of Trek HQ’s favorite mural right here

At Trek’s global headquarters, cycling memorabilia, iconic photography, and inspirational quotes line the walls. But as you step into the café—better known to Trek employees as The Barn—there’s one thing that stands out amongst the rest.

A towering mural stretches across the back wall, dotted with illustrations that take onlookers on a whimsical journey through our home base—Waterloo, WI.

Everything from the pickle factory down the street and the employee mountain bike trails around the corner, to the World Cup Waterloo Legends Race are represented with the playful iconography of in-house designer Jaime Espinoza. Every time you look at it, you notice something new.

To keep you and your loved ones busy during these unprecedented times, we wanted to give you the opportunity to create your own version of Trek HQ’s favorite mural.

Download and print the below image here to add your own flair to the streets of Waterloo.

For a chance to be featured on our Instagram page, upload your finished piece and tag @trekbikes.

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