Upgrade Your Ride: Road Bikes Itching to make your bike a better place to be? Check out our list of must-have accessories

Upgrade Your Ride: Road Bikes Itching to make your bike a better place to be? Check out our list of must-have accessories

We believe you love your bike and that is how it should be! However, sometimes you may think it needs something new. Not something big, like a whole new bike or drivetrain, but something small that will make you happy and make your rides even better.

As we only build products we love, we want you to have a chance to fall in love with them too. Therefore, we have prepared a simple list of Bontrager components and stylish accessories for you. With these upgrades you will have more reasons to love your bike. So why Bontrager? Simply because we don´t only build these products, we use them and love them in every way. With the best quality, beautiful design and long life guarantee, they provide best riding experience ever.

Details matter

Nothing gives bike such as much of sparkle as new handlebar tape. But BEWARE! If it doesn’t match, it doesn’t work! Choose wisely from classic cork, gel tape or non-stick tape.

You can handle wrap your handlebar on your own, it is not difficult. Just watch the video and do it.

See all handlebar tapes.

Gel Cork Tape

A combination of natural cork and the vibration damping gel for a comfortable ride. With a variety of colours, you will find great match for your bike.

Gel Cork Graphic Tape

Soft and natural feeling with additional cushioning gel and a natural cork feel.

Grippytack Tape

Grippy textured tape with a solid tacky feel that offers a no-slip grip.

See and Be Seen!

See and be seen. Lights are amongst the best bike upgrades in terms of safety, but amongst the worst in terms of appearance. Needless to say – safety first. You have to be seen on the bike, with no compromises. So, where can you find lights that will make you seen, without sacrificing the style of your handlebars? You don’t have to choose with Bontrager lights, they provide great performance and thanks to the Blendr system, everything will be elegantly integrated on the stem.

Get inspired by our lights selection below or explore more.



Bontrager Ion100 R/Flare R City are inconspicuous lights with a luminosity of 100 lumens, that definitely won´t you make you inconspicuous, even in daylight.


Bontrager Ion Comp R/Flare R City with 700 lumens for confidence and safety whether it is night or day.


Shine at the front and back with with this ultimate light combo of Bontrager Ion Pro RT/Flare RT lights.

Fast and lightweight

One of the biggest upgrades of your bike, or rather your ride, is to buy new wheels. You will definitely feel the difference of riding new wheels. Speed, stability, durability and perfect aerodynamics – you can enjoy it all on every ride. Yes, we know that carbon wheels are a big investment, so they are automatically included in our first-class programme  Bontrager Carbon Care .
You can choose from rim heights up to 75 mm and of course from different widths. Plus, most of them are tubeless ready (TLR).

Choose from our exclusive Aeolus line below or see all wheels.


Bontrager Aeolus Elite 35 TLR Disc Road wheels provide the ideal combination of durability, weight and aerodynamics in 35 mm rims at a great price.


Faster. Lighter. More stable. Bontrager Aeolus RSL 37 TLR ultralight carbon disc road wheels with a 37mm rim are fast and stable for climbs, crits and classics. Our most versatile wheels, with that you can be confident even in crosswinds.


Be the fastest you with Bontrager Aeolus RSL 51 TLR Disc Road Wheels. Lightweight carbon wheels in a 51 mm depth are designed for the ultimate in speed, stability and confidence in all conditions.

Smooth upgrade

Upgrade for smooth tyres and get more speed and fewer flat tires! Enhance your ride with the durable and fast Bontrager tyres, which provide greater puncture protection thanks to the Hard-Case Layer Lite – special nylon / aramid sub-tread weave. If you are not stressed about weight, choose Hard-Case layer version with an additional bead-to-bead nylon layer. Most tyres are tubeless ready (TLR).

You can choose from perfectly smooth tyres to tyres with a fine tread tyre for any weather conditions. But which tyres are perfect for you? Let´s have a look.

Get inspired by our tyres selection below or see all road tyres.


The Bontrager R2 Hard-Case Lite Road Tyre is an everyday road tyre with lightly-treaded design and puncture protection for all road conditions.


The Bontrager AW3 Hard-Case Lite Reflective Road Tyres are made with a fine tread pattern for realibility, confidence and traction in all weather conditions. Plus a reflective sidewall adds visibility in low-light conditions.


The Bontrager R4 320 Tubular Road Tyre Handmade racing tires with smooth surface for the best performance on the road – rather for dry than wet conditions.

Do (not) Feel the Ride

You will feel this improvement rather than seeing it. Choosing a really good saddle is a science, literally. The design of Bontrager saddles is based on detailed biomechanical knowledge, so you can rely on high comfort, great performance and first-class design. You can be sure that you won’t feel your ride. At least not in your the most sensitive parts :).

Most saddles are available in 2 sizes that differ in width (145 mm or 155mm). The length is the same – 250 mm. Each saddle is compatible with the Blendr accessory that gives your bike stylish integration with any Bontrager Flare rear light.

If you are not sure, how to choose your bike saddle, let us guide you.

Get inspired by our saddles selection below or see all aero saddles.


Bontrager Aeolus Elite Bike Saddle have the full cut-out, shorter overall length, wider nose and added foam padding, that you will get a go-to race extra comfortable saddle.


Bontrager Aeolus Pro means less pressure, more power! Minimal padding offers sleek profile with less soft-tissue pressure so you can enjoy long hours on the road.


Bontrager Aeolus RSL is high end carbon saddle with minimal bonded padding that was developed for the needs of the Trek Factory Racing team (RSL = Race Shop Limited). Its short profile gives you targeted support with minimal soft-tissue pressure in an aero riding position in which you can get the best racing results ever.

Pedal harder

Clipless pedals are not so much a bike upgrade as a riding performance booster. If you’re serious about road cycling, clipless pedals are a must. Clipless pedals provide approximately 10% more maximum power than flat pedals.

Choose your pedals and if you are not sure or never heard about clipless pedals, find out more about different pedal types and explore all clipless cycling shoes.

Get inspired by our pedals selection below or see all pedals.

Comp Road Pedals

Find the right feel for your ride with with adjustable release tension on this durable resin Bontrager Comp Road Pedal Set.

Elite Road Pedals

Bontrager Elite are lightweight and durable pedals with adjustable release tension, by that you decide how tight you want to be connected to your bike. They are lighter of 32 g than Comp Road Pedal Set.

Wrap it all

Fall under the spell of bikepacking and pack everything you need for your adventures.

Choose your bike bag.

Frame bag

This Bontrager Adventure bag features multiple pockets for all of your gear. It is available in six sizes to ensure the best fit for your bike.

Handlebar Bag

With this Bontrager Adventure Bag you can carry everything you need.

Saddle Bag

Provides 9 L of capacity and an easy-access side zip.

We´ve got your back and your head

We want you to be confident in your purchase. That's why every Bontrager and Trek aftermarket product we offer comes with the backing of our 30-Day Unconditional Guarantee. In addition, we also offer some of the best replacement and loyalty programmes in the industry. So read on to learn more and shop with confidence knowing we've got your head and your back.

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